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SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Saturday, March 10, 2012


School's out, folio's in and i don't really like it because I've to leave school with a bunch of work.

My favourite song by this time is I won't give up by jason Mraz and lelaki seperti aku(kinda old) by Alif Satar probably because I love Jason Mraz and someone sang me that kinda old song :) HIHI.

I saw a cute little boy ran in front of me before I leave my school with my friend last Friday, which devastating me because, he looks weird in a cute way. And he is my senior. Have you ever run like a kiddo in front of your junior ?

I miss my mum, she have been leaving Mlysia for 3 days ago. Vacation outta Malaysia. And leave me right here.

A month ago:
I ask a guy which is a senior in my school too, to do a keychain for me. And he asked me the words on that keychain. I told him and ask him how much. Then he told me the real price. Then I said, "how come my friends got it for free ?" Then he said "okay, I'll treat you". His friend said, "Valentine is 3 days ago, dear." I said, "it's not valentine gift okayy" He just smile and walk away. So do I.

I've been waiting for it like an age. And 2 weeks ago, he gave that keychain to one of my bestie and said that I don't have to pay for it. I was so shock which make me love his attitude. I thought he was joking about gave it to me for free. Don't ge me wrong. I'm not in love with him. Just amaze with his attitude. May Allah bless your life, senior.