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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heels Over Heels .

I think I'm heels over head right now and not Head Over Heels !
Those second words are usually for someone who in love isn't it ?
But not for me , because I'm not currently in deep mood of love or CRUSHH right now .
I do have A crush , but I'm not interested to tell about that right now .

 I'm tangled with my school right now , and those teacher who think they are deserve to punish student for what they've done because . Come on everybody need a second chance (!) Ok , I'm mad for no reason .
And those HANDSOME BOYS , please don't be so attractive because I got annoyed when some chick scream out just after you pass by ! OH PLEASE ! I know you're HOTT . But that's so disgusting .
And LILtle CHIKAs , I know you guys are impressing , but you're daddy's little GIRL ok . Whores is the name given . Bitch is the name called !

not that i Hate BOYS , I have a boyfriend ok . His Name is MUSIC , he's hot .

I was imagine if one day , some lanterns will floating on the sky for me on a special occasion .ala , yg mcm dlm crite RAPUNZEL tu .

If it's replace with the balloons too will be just fine .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dress Up In Pearls

Hari Jumaat lepas , lpas smyg JUMAAT , WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA's group pon pegi lah IS utk siapkan KEJE LT , group A.J ny , wt CPU . Dah siap pon . Lawa lh jgak . THEME kiterng 4 SEASON iaitu summer , winter  , blalalal . ta ingat .
Ade A.J upload gmbr dlm FB , mlas na upload kt blog ny , tpi ta pe . SATU keping je upload . esok lah , internet slow skunk .

I'm addicted to a song call YOU AND I BOTH by Jason Mraz .(An old song)
Result periksa ta best la . 2 SUBJECT JE 90 , yg laen hampehhh , D pon ade . retard lerrr =___+ !

A.J rse kan ? CAPITAL N nk ckp mnda ny kt . Klau korg ceredik , apekah symbol ny ? bukan THICK ye .

Monday, February 14, 2011

Korang jgn ngade !

weyh , korang jgn ngade lah na smbut mnda ny .

Smbut maulidur rasul ta pe . Klau anda setuju , COPY PASTE gmbr tu kt blog anda !

esok cuti !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Moment At the Past .

Past moment , mula2 A.J na msokkan gmbr lame2 A.J
mse kt PRI sch ngn SEC sch , tpi , rse mlas plak .A.J tdi tetibe tringt kt thun lpas(13) , dan thun sebelum thun lpas(12) .

  • 2010 (12
thun ny , zaman kegemilangan A.J bila A.J duk klas terceredik . Kirenye class A.J ni hot STUFF la dlm bilik guru . A.J rindu , NINA ngn IFAH ! DAH la , ade GAY dlm klas ny . adoii , Si gay HAMKA with  his happy partnet Irfan . both of them still HOT GUY , hottt la sgt ! HOTDOG ade lahh . And A.J rindu sgt kt sume kwn2 time ny , tpi dyerang skunk ny dh KOYAAA LAGI BAJET HOTT .
sombong bgai , tau lah ceredik , KOYA MRSM , pdahal sch sama level je .

  • 2011(13)
Zaman kemerosotan A.J !
Thun pling tak bleh blah , duk klas gile2 , yg A.J ta knal beruk2 tu sume ,
minggu pertama , stress nak pecah otak , bulan ke2 , ade group tersendiri ,
GAGAK PUTIH ketuanye ? siapa lgi klau bukan A.Jbudak pling ceredik dlm kelas ! GROUP ni bukan mcm geng2 GEDIK cheerleeder hip hip hooray tu eh .
Kiterang baek dan tak gedik , BOYS ? biasa jer , tpi , A.J suka kt sorg je , tu pon ta de lah obsesss sgt . PRABA , KESHAN , GANESH , GUNA , ARUNTAHTY , sume naek bile maen matchmaker .
YOYOooo je kan ? slalunya Gagak Putih mesti mng klau V
Publish Post
S gagak Hitam  .

Dah tu je , mlas na bring up the whole past stupid story , let the bygone be bygone .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We will all laugh at gilded butterflies =__=

hey hey you you ,
it's first of FEBRUARY , happy birthday to those who celebrate their birthday today.
have a nice day . holly cheessseee , the teachers just tell us that we'll be giving out 5 day for holiday  . and the time , teacher telling us that tomorrow is CUTI , the whole SCH is shaking , :) from right to left , up and down . everyone was so happy , whoa . so we were so happy like crazy . and yeah , no one would didn't scream like crazy ! And yeah , this holiday , A.J and family didn't plan to go anywhere as next week , A.J got the UJIAN . so , yeah , STUDYY larrr . HELL YEAH , Wednesday and Thursday , got to struggle for it . i want to get 6A'S at least . WISH ME LUCK you guyyyssss !


P/S : The post has nothing to do with the tittle .