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Daily Prophet.
SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Monday, September 10, 2012

What will I do ?

Salam semua, dah lama tinggal sawang ni. Maklumlah kita nak PMR tahun ni. It's just around the corner and I am still facing the computer.  Pfft. Pfft. pffft.
Yes. What will I do.

Cenggini ah, haritukan, kawan kita tanya kita apa yan ko akan buat kalau ko nampak lelaki handsome ?
JENG JENG JENG. Titewwwww saja je je jadi gedik harini tulis kita-kita ni. Jangan pulak ada yang sound kita sebab tak reti kata ganti nama diri. Kita ingat lah KGN tu semua. Cikgu BM kita, dah ajar belaka, Insyaallah kita jawab elok2 waktu PMR nanti.

Nak tulis english ah plak. HEHE.
So, the first thing that I will do when i suddenly saw a cute or handsome guy. Of course I'll say to myself. Dream on wei, Dream on. You will never get him. Then I just pretend that I didn't see him. And hell yeah, if I still wanna look at him, I will just make myself  looks like a SELENGA(nerd) girl pretending to look at him in a very disgusting or weird or or or or ermm, envy way. That way, he might thinking "haiyaa, this SELENGA jealous much with my shoes".

But then my friend asking me with another question. what is your reaction when you saw a beautiful car.
Still wondering why the hell did she asking me this type of question.
But I just answer it because I like to. So, I just stare at the car, and without doubt I might just jot down that car's registration number. Ahak, I don't give a damn about the owner in the car, maybe they were looking at me, but who cares. I'm looking at your registration number not the number of your pack abs.