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SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Very Untold Story

I stop searching the monster under my bed after i realize it was in me .

 A.J dh closed acc FB A.J kejup .
Sbb ade something yg might be will happen in 48 hrs klau A.J ta close .
Tpi , acc FB tu , akan dibukak blek . IT JUST FOR TEMPORARY . 

Mood : Nurin oh nurin {CAPITAL S} jgn mrah Nurin .
I was so sad that make me wanna cry .
Hari ny cam ape je . Nseb baek ariny tak sch . pelik . sch laen ganti ariny .

Mood : shortform !
I adore her music .

No one understand me . Why ? bodoh sgt ke aq ny ? bengong sgt ke aq ny ? hina sgt ke aq ny ? smpai sume org buat aq cam anjing kurabb ? ta de org ikhlas kwan ngn A.J . SEDIH !

Mood : i have NO friend NO understand me ,NO they are not!
My heart can't speak . How am i gonna hear it ?

Hari KHAMIS lpas , ade latihan rentas DESA . Ckgu SHAHRIZANN , bhaii , lwak abes .TPI , letih bagai nak rak !! 1 sch pusing .

Mood : need a new feet cause this one is worn out !