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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Freshman Year !

Last Year was my first FRESHMAN year . So this year will be my second one . It's really really really suck ! OK , only part of it . The other Just ok , i could live in the secondary school which i don't wanna go at all . Ok , i'd rather repeat my UPSR(MALAYSIA) or PSLE(SINGAPORE) sixty thousand times then going to THIS HORRIBLE SCHOOL . Well , THE GOVERNMENT just allowed this 2 COUNTRY TO REPEAT THE SPM or O Levels . NAHHHH !!!

I could say that I'm jealous with some of my ex-classmate in YEAR 6 . They score 5A'S and go to the best school ever ! And made new friends on abroad SCHOOL . And in the middle of the month , my cousin got her PMR RESULT which surprising me . Because she get straight A'S . HOW I WISH I WAS HER !

So , after a month , SHE received an OFFER to go to SESERI , Sekolah Menengah Sains Seri Puteri .
I bet you guys know this SCHOOL . IT's a girls top 5 school in MALAYSIA . And top 10 SCIENCE school in MALAYSIA . I was like , OMG !

night scene . you can see the TWIN TOWER  .

Day scene . This school's in the heart of KL .

It's a girls school where i can do anything without worry the boys will look at me .
Just if I could , I want to turn the time .

 How I wish Summer is right now . I'm craving for Summer !


ஐalwaniღzulhilmanஐ said...

korang nak blog yang comell dan kawaii? jom join segmen baru wawa :)

A.J De's said...

@alwani . yeah . cntik blog tu .