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Friday, June 24, 2011

PHOTO | HOLIDAY | Funfair ?


Hey guys, wassup? I miss my blogg yesterday. So today , I update it . Maybe this kinda LAME , but I hope you enjoy it .
Back Then when i was in funfair , i took a lot of picture . It was actually a few weeks ago , on HOLIDAY . I was there with my cousin . She's so nice coz she took me to look around this city . So , there's one night , we were walking , and we saw a beautiful lights cross in a unique way all over the clouds . I thought it might be funfair . Then after a few minutes , we saw a lot of colourful lights in a different way . And yess , IT'S FUNFAIR . So , i took this chance , and get into the FUNFAIR . To get in  there , you don't have to pay for anything unless you wanna play for something . We just look around and guess what , we didn't play anything . HOHOOO , awesome right ? alahh , pergi sana bukan untuk main , nk tgk lampu je , pastu nk tgkp gmbr je. Duit ade , tpi save budget sikit.*elehhh .

Piture below is my favourite .
Aku suke gmbar ni , sbb brother handsome tu tk nk pndg camera OLYMPUS aku sbb malu ngn awek dia . HUHU .
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If you know where this WHITE house-MALAYSIA version is . That is the city where I've been to the funfair .

Guesss where ? alah , snang je ni .
Does it look peace in the outside . Inside ?