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SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Monday, April 9, 2012


Haritu saya pergi Megamall untuk satu competition.
My friends and I were really excited till some of my friend forgot to bring their IC.
But then they called their parent and the rest you can figure out. Dan saya lupa amik kamera yang tengah caj tu. sobbbb.
Sampai dekat sana, cari port. Fazrien gile bawak pergi duduk sebelah kedai SONY, dah lah gelap ta da lampu. Budak perempuan pun belebel macam makcik kecuali saya :)
Bila dah sampai turn Red Team, kami beratur. Everyone kept reading the verse of Holy Al-Quran.
And the boys kept forgiving and apologizing and forgiving and apologizing again and again until we sat down. Pffft. Idk what happen to them.

Muka masing-masing tak boleh nak blah. Tersenyum sepanjang masa until there was a Pelabuhan's student thought I was smilling to him and he was replying my smile. Felt like FTW. It was so embrassing at first. But, nevermind, smile is a sedekah. Ohhh, my friend from another team keep talking about that guy until today.Only if she knows that he's the one that perasan I was smilling to him.

Okay, the first question was like:
1. foreign language. what is the first country that
pop out in your mind when you read this foreign language.
I thought the answer was PARIS. Then my friend said it's Rome. So we pick A. but the answer is C. We regret it :(

But the easiest question was :
Which of them is not American Idol judges.
A.Simon Cowell
B. Jennifer Lopez
C.Steven Tyler
D.Randy Jackson
I think everybody knows this. It was A.

And the next question is cowbull what ? pfffft. It's really difficult
Markah kumpulan saya 120 daripada 200. teruk gila !
But my team didn't make it to the next round, but the other 2 teams from my school made it to the next round.
My team member were really sad. Dia tak habis-habis cakap pasal soalan PLKN tu. HAHA
My lucky charm is broken, I guess that's why my team did not make it to the final(Sara yang cakap)
Give them applause :) But it's alright, experience is the important thing.