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SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Let's just pretend that today is the most wonderful day :)

Kelab Pembinaan ?

I just don't know why my day is suck for today. Nothing happend at school it's just the Hari Koperasi, nothing much to be story. It all started when I was at home. So, I open the gate, and all of sudden a cat came out of nowhere get into my house. I just ignore it because i was so so tired. Only god know. Then I heard something felt, it was like Dunngggg. I just ignore it too, because I  was watching something with my friend. But then, I saw the cat run in front of me with a worthy friend chicken that I bought at school for the hari koperasi. I was like.
Weeeeiiii, ayam aku!!!!!   pfftttt. I waited like thousand of hours to buy that fried chicken. Okay, guess it was not my rezeki :) Okay, I 've Halal my food to that CAT.

Then the other thing happened. Planned to upload the Hari Koperasi photos in FB then I did something stuuuupppiiid. I thought I've copy every single photos to my laptop but it was not. Only half. So, you know something went bad. I almost gone crazy. I know it can be recovered. But I didn't insert the memory card. And the rest you can figure out. :(

I just regret some of my photos with Juliet had lost.

Grammar error. Mlas nak check. Saja nak jadi mat salleh, biar klau adik saya baca, biar dia tak faham.