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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

High School Students - FAQ.

kwan aku malu msuk camera, jdi dia menyorok blkg camera :)

see the picture ? Siap dgn camera, siap dgan Tripod lgi. Actually, my friends and I are doing a video for the independent day, we might celebrate our Independent day on the same date for the eid. Budak kt atas tu jdi camera woman :) ngeee. Skrg video tu tak siap edit lgi. And we are kinda SHY, so, that video will done before next week, before the ujian. I hate monthly test. I wish i could stay with all my good gred :) Wish me luck.

Frequently asked questions
  • What's your last name ?

Deschanel or actually Syairah

  • Do you take Biology ?

Errr ? NOPE. But I'm interest with it. 2 yrs from now on will be :)

  • Which elective courses do you recommend?

Pure Science and Science Engineering

  • Are you a Belieber ? 


  • Will you go to the PROM with.....

ShahrinCool. Matluthfi pun okey jgak :) KevJumba and Ryan Higa also find :) They don't even know that I am exist ? So what ?

  • Last name of your secret crush in High School.

Gosh ! Secret Crush gile. Tkkan aku nk kasitau kodd.

  • What High School clique do you belong in ? nerds/cheer leaders/skaters/jocks/goth/ETC

HIHI, according to the quiz i took on FB, Imma skater, even i don't skate. soooo, yeah.
65 percent Skater
20 percent nerds
10 percent emo
5   percent prep.

  • What type of guys do you love making friend ?

Errr ? What kinda question is this ? Skater Boys and Rocker. I don't like popular,emo,gangsta or punk or else.