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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lunar Eclipse is happening tomorrow.

Lunar Eclipse is happening tomorrow. I think it's the second Lunar eclipse for this year, because last time it happened on last June. And if you miss out this show, you will only see the next Lunar eclipse on 2014. Unfortunately only certain place will witness the show. You can view it if you were in western North America, around the Pacific, or in Asia.

If you're in Malaysia and Philippines, the lunar eclipse is visible just after sunset.
It will start at 8:44 p.m and will end at 12.14 a.m.
The time is only for Malaysia and Philippines.
You can know yours by using the Universal Time.

You will need a binocular or microscope.
But if you do not have both of it, you can just use your DSLR, or maybe camera.
Maybe you could try using the 3D spect. it will work maybe(maybe).


Sorry for my broken english