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Daily Prophet.
SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Friday, May 25, 2012


Love this 2 guy. They gig like a pro's.

This week is the hardest week that I had to face because of the exam. I hope next week will be better.
My classmate is going to perform umrah. I gave him a piece of paper which contains my secret prayer. And there's a little fact that I did not mention Carrot's name, but something to do with my Carrot. My friend do not know it because I add it last minute.

I have a feeling that my holiday will gonna be a genuinely boring as I don't have any plan and All I will do is attending the extra classes at my school. We will see.

AND AND AND, My friends and I were supposed to have a small or maybe wild party today to celebrate our freedom from exam and school. I guess It's a tradition that my friends and I celebrate every time we finish the exam. We plan to eat the spaghetti and watch movie at my house  but 2 of my friend is fasting so I think it's a rude thing to have a party and eating and drinking in front of person who is fasting. Isn't it ?

SO, I watch a Singapore ghost movie by myself. ALONE. IN A DARK(KINDA). I can't keep the fact that i really love everything inside Singapore. The 2359 movie is freaking awesome. Remind me to someone whose army-to-be.