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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watching Youtube

So, let me tell you, I love youtube. Yeaaahhh,
Well, everyone does. It's like a community site. No, no, actually, we can communicate through YouTube, but it's not like FB, Twitter, Friendster, Myspace or something. In YouTube, we can put any video we want even the copy one.
But let me tell ya, if you copy something like another person picture and use it as your DEFAULT, we call it's FAKE. When we copy a blogger entries, we call it COPYCATS. So, we have so many title in every single person that copy something from another single person :) Oh man, DON'T DIE A COPY. BE ORIGINAL.

So, nothing to tell, but i also have a YouTube channel. But it's so so so secret. Only a few of my friends know about my YouTube channel. I do lots of lyrics video. Sometimes the song is from Malaysia, and sometimes it's from HOLLYWOOD. But, the Malaysian must be the English-Malaysian song. Like mizz nina, Bunkface and moreeee.
Aku tak tahu ape kejadah aku buat video, tak dek benefits pun. seposen pun tak dapat. Lyrics lagu bunkface dpt 107,311 viewers with 8 dislike :(. Tak nak beritau lyric lagu apa. Cari sendiri.

If i were a father.
I am overwhelmed with this video

Ayah, saya janji saya akan buat ayah bangga suatu hari nanti.

Ada orang tanya lagu ape yang sedih sangat ni.
Previous song that i used for theme song in this blog.


A.Rocky said...

' Ramli , Ramli ' . Muka plus rambut macam Bro TB aku leww.

A.J De's said...

HAHA, sikit.