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Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 1 — Your Best Friends | Letter Challenge

Tak de pape nak cakap dekat intro. Proceed je lah.

Dear Best Friends,

I really hope that all of you will forgive all my bad done or mistakes. I hope that you guys know that I don't  meant it. I really am sorry on everything. I really hope that we can be best friend forever. All of us. We can hangin' out, chillin' out, rocking' out and do stuff together. Graduate together. I really hope all of us can skate and maybe surf one day. And got to PARIS together ? Or maybe The wizarding world of harry potter in Orlando. Not only until we graduate I mean till the end of the kingdom. Yeah. FOREVER. If god wills it :)

To : Best Friend ( If you think you're my BFFs) I have a lot.
From : A person who you think that she is your BFF


A.Rocky said...

There's no LIKE button here. Aku hrap ada. Hikhokhikhok.

A.J De's said...

Yolo. yolo. :)