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Daily Prophet.
SUNDAY : kita tukar skin

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 15 — The person you miss the most | Letter Challenge

Dear Shahirah Farhana.

    We lost contact since you've been to your new school and I believed the last time we talk and met when we sang and choir together. Remember ? It's probably the last day on our primary school. At that time, we all sang Heal the world by MJ. Gosh, it's been 2 yrs. I miss it. I don't know where were you right now. Seems like no one staying on your house. You could have just moved to a new house which is nearer to your school. I know what happen to you and your family. I'm sorry to hear it. I promise that would be our secret even though I don't hear it from you, and you don't even know that I know it, but I know it's hard to accept it. We've become very close when we were 9 until 10. But everything changes, and yeah, this is what I get. I miss you so much. IDK why I choose you on day 15. Don't you miss me ? Because I really do. oh do you remember on your 9th birthday, you bring some cake and we ate together during recess, but there were a little leftover, you ask me to take it home and I forgot to return your tupperware. HAHA, I hope you don't forget that.

Love : Old friend.