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Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad | Letter Challenge

Hey guys. I will do for two person this day, because today is FRIDAY. FRIDAY. we gonna have a ball tonight. Really ? Ball ? Nope.

Dear the one who must not be named,
     You are one of the teachers' pet among all of us in our class because you are new in here. And so the teacher doesn't really know about you and your attitude. You annoy me how you're so nice, and I know it annoys other people. Because I've spoke to them about it, but, you really confuse me sometimes. And you're kinda annoying too. It's because your bad behavior. Some of my friends were always wanted to be your friend back then, before we know the real you. But now we all are happy because our relationship is not close.

Dear You Know Who,

  Hey, I know when how is it feels when we lost our family member. And just now, I came to your house just to visit you, because it's been 3 days since you didn't come to school because of your mother's death. I hug you for 3 second, I can't even say anything, and it's kinda embarrassing when both of us crying in front of our friends bur it's okay because they were crying too. I just want to give you some support.

From a student.