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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 — Your sibling | Letter Challenge

Maybe i'll send this to my siblings 35 yrs from now on. (yeah, maybe)

Weasley siblings

Dear siblings,

To my elder brother and younger sister.
Maybe one day, 3 of us will separated away, to achieve our own dream. One day, you will read this, and the moment you read this maybe our parents are no longer here with us. You know what i mean right stud ? HAHA. And one day, we will follow them too. But maybe, we will go before them. Who knows ? So, i just want 3 of us to build one happy family, before it's too late. And also don't be so stingy with me lah bro, you always forgot your younger sister when you go to shop and buy the ice-cream, and you only enjoy it with your boys. And sister, you gotta have to stop from being so so so so annoying or i will never let you use the broadband anymore. But still, I love you guys even I always yell to you like a lunatic. Together we can make a difference.

Your only AJ.